An Impossible Distance


An Impossible Distance 

Barbara Ess, Nishiko, Duane Linklater, Sena Basoz, Sean Dockray, Daniel Gustav Cramer, Marley Freeman, Ian Cheng,  Jeanne Liotta, John Sisley, Michaela Gleave, Ed Steck/ Natalie Häusler, Toril Johannessen, Antoni Wojtyra, Lisa Rave, Claudia Sola, Giuseppe Licari, Oraib Toukan, Penelope Umbrico, Alice Ladenburg, Cameron MacLeod, Frank Heath, Natalie Häusler/ Ed Steck, Zach Houston. 

An Impossible Distance is a distributed exhibition of 24 works by 24 artists contained inside a cheap photo-envelope. Each work is 4″ x 6″, the US standard size for consumer photographs. The exhibition is distributed using file uploading software found on the photo department web pages of chain drugstores.

This is basically how it works:

- I am where I am.
- You are where you are.
- I upload the files from where I am to a website (where is this?) that sends them to a
  printer in a store near where you are.
- You walk to the printer.
- They are there, waiting for you.

How to see the exhibition:

1- Send an email to both (me) and (Matthew)
2- In the subject of the email write: an impossible distance.
3- In the body of the email write either your home address or the address of the location you want the prints to be sent near to.
4- The nearest drugstore photo printer near you will be located.
5- Files will be sent to that store.
6- You will receive an e-mail stating when they will be ready for pick up.
7- Walk to the store and pick them up. You will have to pay for the prints (unless you are sneaky). Prices vary at each store. It will probably cost somewhere from $3-$6.

The title, An Impossible Distance, comes from an interview I did with Lumi Tan (the interview can be found in here). In the interview the idea of the impossibility of looking into distance (at the sea) online comes up. Not only that the screen is just a few inches away from our eyes, which makes literal spatial distance pertaining to vision disappear. But also, the constant stream of content makes it impossible to just stare out. When you stare your vision extends outward into a field of space, with no distractions. Online, continuously produced content makes distraction a constant. I asked each of the artists to give an image that somehow related to the sea, whether direct or broad. This is being launched in the summer, and in a sense, it is like a day-trip to the beach. To go and look at the water. Or, maybe, it is that the beach takes a day-trip to you. These seas come to you.

These will be sent to as many countries as possible. If you live in a country outside the US there may be trouble locating a website for a store near you. I may ask you for suggestions. Also, if you live in a country outside of the US and would like to help distributing this exhibition in your country, send me an email: I will send you the high-res files and put you in charge of local distributor.

This project is currently on exhibit at Border in Mexico City curated by  Violeta Horcasitas and Fernanda D´Agostino.The exhibition is called A Room for Two and Many More. If you live in Mexico and would like the exhibition to be sent to a location near you, you can make a request from Violeta:

Download PDF of complete title list + thumbnails